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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Program Issues

So last night I was filling out some papers for a competition in January and I wanted to make sure I was checking off the right leval. When I looked at the freeskate 5 it had no flip jump as one if the elements instead it had a lutz. My flip got really good because me and my coach, Deb thought it was an element so we worked on it alot. My lutz well the jump is good but not as high as I want it to be but my only problem is that I almost always flutx it!
Also I am going to have to rearange my program because I can't just change my flip to a lutz it's to hard to do a lutz at the angle and direction. But luckily u have until about January 21 I think so it should be good by then I Hope!

~ Jenna B.


  1. Yeah, Jenna!! I love your program :)

  2. I always flutz my lutz too!! it's so annoying,always at the last second I change to my inside edge!

  3. Thx Jess
    Alyssa I flutz it when I put my toe in the ice it's so anoying!